About Lemzo Creative!

Always been interested in computers and entertainment I studied Digital Communication at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (graduated 2011). After my graduation I wanted to start my career in the film industry. That lead me to London, England where I followed the course Visual Effects Professional at Escape Studios. Which is one of the foremost schools of computer animation and visual effects.

After I graduated I went back to The Netherlands to do an internship at Mediamonks where I worked on different commercials and campaigns for brands such as Adidas, Lego and the british tv series Doctor Who as an visual effects artist. I also worked on movie sets as a production assistant. Now I’m working mainly with NewBreed United (a collective of  artists) as a post-production artist.

Download my resume here! DUTCH / ENGLISH

Why do I like working in post-production?

Ever since I saw The Matrix I've been intrigued by movies and their effects. From that point on I always tried to figure out how the artist made such awesome magical things happen. I enjoy figuring out new and creative ways to get the job done. I am studious and can get along with anyone. I like to learn things from other people I meet and also share knowledge that I have with them. And of course when a project is done celebrate it with the team.


My main weapons of the trade are:
Maya, Nuke, Mudbox, Cinema4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop

I am expanding my knowledge of:

Zbrush, Houdini